The Facts


Conception Rates average


Average Daily Gain

Weights provided to producers. Our heifers return to the farm and calve as springers at 1400 lb and 22-23 months of age.

Rates of gain, death loss, monthly reports, DC305 records all returned to producer on a monthly basis.

Dairymen raising heifers for Dairymen.

The heifers are raised by dairymen for dairymen. We are nestled 12 miles east of the Rocky Mountain Foothills between Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY. We provide open lot housing in a semi-arid climate that promotes exceptional growth of healthy animals.

Our staff of veterinary and nutrition professionals ensure that optimum health and nutrient requirements are provided for your heifers. The dedicated team of employees look after and care for your heifers on a daily basis. Monthly reports detailing performance measures are provided. Heifers are artificially inseminated by our experienced AI techs. Owners have the flexibility of selecting sires and choosing size and age of animal at breeding.

Forages and high quality feed ingredients are readily available. Our diets are professionally formulated to meet the specific needs of heifers during the different stages in their growth cycle.

The Heifer Authority, LLC wants the success of your dairy operation to be the result of the next generation of replacement animals that enter your herd. We strive to excel in the heifer raising industry.